Hall of Shame
We're thinking about naming names and license numbers of
contractors responsible for the substandard work we see; a big
step, you'll agree. Check back to see what we end up doing.

As it works out, there are several noteworthy candidates "as
we speak".

Contractor Name: Withheld (Settlement not in Public Record).
Maryland Contractor License #: Ditto

A Maryland contractor's geothermal installation cost the
thousands of dollars  to remediate mold growth.
The case was settled out of court, with the contractor replacing
oversized equipment and poorly installed ductwork at no cost
to the homeowner, and reimbursing the homeowner for
remediation and other costs.

The second and third jobs are Delaware contractors' heat pump
installations that cost the homeowners thousands of dollars to
remediate mold growth and replace the grossly oversized heat
pumps that caused it. Stay tuned.